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What the fuck is a “Door” ?

Well, I don’t really know where the name came from, hence why I’ve done some wikiresearch (I predict the credibility of my blog plummeting after this post). The name of the band comes from a line in the William Blake poem The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, “When the doors of perception are cleansed, things will appear to men as they truly are… infinite.” Now, exactly what that

Red Dragon by William Blake

mean, I do not know. But it sounds deep and poetic and philosophical and beyond my comprehension… or anybody’s really; unless you’re William Blake, or you’re on drugs, which pretty much sums up the cultural phenomenon known as the 60s. Out of context of the entire poem, no… the line itself doesn’t make any sense. I couldn’t find the actual poem online (which is more like a tome), but I did find this weird YouTube video and… I still don’t get it. But hey… William Blake… I know him, an entire trilogy was based on this epic poem (Manhunter, Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon)… and if I were tripping on LSD I could rap off the name alone, and the hidden connotations and how it is all an aphorism for life… like man, the doors… are… open… and they’ve been cleansed. You and me… we are the answer man, now is the time… do you see? Wow, the spirit of Ken Kesey was speaking through me for two seconds.. that whole intersubjectivity thing Tom Wolfe wrote about… um… yeah…



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