For more information by M.BODDi


So, recently I opened a few cafepress stores featuring some of the artwork shown on this blog (content currently not available) as well as my new “GET ME BODDIED” campaign featuring some really great paraphernalia of great movie stills/fashion icons/music legends embossed with my new blog motto: “Get.Me.BODDiED!” As you know, I sign all of my posts as “M.BODDi.” It’s my pseudonym, although most of you who read this know me personally and know my government. However, you probably don’t know that I hate my surname… I absolutely despise my slave name and eventually will discontinue using it. I’m not trying to justify the fact that I like to play pretend sometimes… that is not the point of this post… I was merely trying to illustrate the origin of my new slogan. So, ’nuff of dat.

Due to my interpretation of the copyright laws, I make no profit from all of the products featuring the new slogan. It’s as if you saw an image on the internet and you thought is would look nice on a t-shirt or something. So you put it on a t-shirt and only you wear it so everybody can think you’re cool. You just paid for the production costs… and that’s is exactly what you’re paying for if you purchase an image from my cafepress shop[s] with the new slogan: the production price. If anybody is making money, it’s cafepress… and if they get sued, that’s their problem. suckaz!!! I’m only about 75% sure that all of that info is correct.

Anyway, if you like the images posted below… buy some stickers… or a poster… or a stadium blanket and spread the word!!! My goal is to eventually have at least one image available on cafepress that will coincide with each blog post. All my original artwork will be available at a mark up price so that I can make at least a little bit of money to upgrade my cafepress shop[s]… or… better yet… get my own website that will have its own online shop, blog, and what ever else I can think of. That’d be freakin’ fantasmagoric!! But in the mean time, if you have any comments about the shop[s] or would like a custom-made product… shoot me an email at Thanks!!!



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