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Ask A Hater aka My Thoughts While in the Shower

disclaimer: this post is literally what I was thinking while in the shower… I thought it… and then I wrote it down. I occasionally write down my thoughts in attempt to find the original thought; the catalyst that causes the domino effect of thoughts that follow. I was basically trying to prove that I don’t have ADD… or maybe that I do.  It’s an experimental piece, and will probably be the first and last of its kind. 

I don’t remember which thought lead to me thinking about how much of a critic I am; about how there is nothing I don’t have an opinion about. Which lead to me self-editing my thoughts on behalf of my conscience, which serves as the conscience of public opinion, which lead me to paranoidly (I know, that’s not a word) self-edit my thoughts with lead me to think of my criticism as being above reproach  and as being neither positive or negative; or rather both positive and negative… not negative, but constructive… or rather reflexive; something I can’t help but to do. Which lead me think of how all journalists or critics are just inactive thinkers; they [we] don’t do anything but comment on what other people do; which lead me to think that I actually do a lot, however unwillingly. I am not completely untalented and inactive. Or rather, maybe, I’ve [somehow] successfully tricked others into believing that I am not lazy. If I had my choice, I’d rather be by myself, alone, in a secluded location making art. And somewhere in all of this my thoughts drifted to John Travolta and Nicholas Cage… blog post coming soon; think Conair and Face/Off.



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