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For those of you wondering how I create my artwork... here is a visual explanation. I can't give away all of my secrets, but I can give you a basic idea.

So far, only one person has left a comment on my blog (this is obviously outdated… thanks to the three other people who’ve commented since…), but in person and on facebook I’ve gotten plenty feedback; some good, some not so good. One person said “I sound like a white girl.” I don’t know what that means. I like to make fun of the way people “talk” when they write in “textese.” Yes, that is the actual term for the cultural phenomenon that is horrible grammar, awful spelling, and ridiculous acronyms. smh. Sometimes I’ll even say “lol” out loud… but never seriously. Most of what I write is written in a very sarcastic, but endearing tone because that is the sort of person I am.

Speaking of bad grammar, I asked a close friend to proof-read my blog for typos and what not. Her response after reading my first few posts, “I really like your blog. There are a few mistakes, nothing major.” Nothing major??!! No, not at all… just that I spelled the title of the blog completely wrong. FYI, “asterisk” is NOT spelled “asterick.” Thanks for telling me…

Other responses have been along the lines of “keep writing…” “It’s very informative…” etc, etc, etc. I’m just wondering why nobody has commented on the art that I so painstakingly created using the effin Microsoft Paint program. No, I didn’t steal those images from someone else online. No, I don’t know how to use Photoshop or InDesign or any other program well enough to make my work look anything less than amateur. And no, I don’t have one of the drawing pads you attach to your computer that writes like an inkless pen… I use the mouse. That means a lot of mistakes and a lot of editing and a lot of hours starring at the computer; which also means terrible migraines all day long. And not one person cares to comment… wait, no, that’s not completely true. A facebook friend “liked” my Jim Morrison picture. Thanks Cheyenne. I hope I spelled your name correctly, I know how creative black people can get with words and names and shit.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just want congratulatory feedback. That’s boring. While I appreciate the support, I adore constructive criticism. And don’t be vague, really explain what you love or absolutely hate about my blog. That way I can make it better … or just say “fuck your life” and move on. Truthfully, any kind of feedback is highly appreciated. I’m just saying, if you have any sort of sentiment about what I write, please leave a comment. #thatisall



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  1. jsanschez

    I am really liking your blog. Of what I’ve read so far, your opinions are original expressions and make a lot of sense. So thank you for creating and sharing with us. As for your artwork, just keep at it, one day you’ll learn and it’ll become more then amateur. Everyone has to start somewhere, it’s particularly awesome when it’s experimental.

    July 8, 2012 at 2:51 PM

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